Euro04: Berlin + Prague

Greifswalder Strasse

Sunday, March 7th, 7:56AM

Brenna's apartment complex on Greifswalder Strasse.

Brenna's place was a few stories from the top of this apartment complex -- on the left-hand side of the building from this vantage point. Large windows in the living room and dining room and a wide patio area looked out over Greifswalder while the window from her room looked out of the opposite side of the building. Along the street level were a collection of shops and a bank. Some days a small, busy bazaar happened up on the plaza in front of the building that we would have to navigate through to get to the S-Bahn station.

Bored that morning, I just struck off on my own -- without a map or really any idea what I might do. I just walked out of the apartment building and started heading up the road by myself, figuring if I just stayed along the big street I wouldn't get too lost. Very few people were out so early on a Sunday, so I mostly had the city to myself.

Right behind where I'm taking this photo is a bakery where I got to test my German skills for the first time by attempting to buy a couple rolls covered in sunflower seeds for breakfast. I think I failed with language, though pointing and grunting got the job done.