Euro04: Berlin + Prague


Sunday, March 7th, 3:54PM


After eating, we wandered towards the Pergamon Mumseum -- a famous collection of art and achitecture from antiquity including the famed Athena Propylon (aka "Pergamon," hence the name of the museum).

(Funny how my reaction to galleries of this sort has changed. All I could really think about was: "This was stolen from somewhere." And under who-knows-what circumstances.)

Anyway, Sundays the museums are free and this was, after all, a Sunday. The Pergamon had been closed for repairs that day, though, so we had to skip it and walk further along to the Lustgarden.

We did check out the Altes Museum that afternoon, though -- so I did get to see some ancient Greek statues and pottery. The docents were adament that I neither take any photographs nor take off my coat (?) while inside, and though my brain was still a bit mushy from jetlag or whatever I do remember Brenna commenting that she hadn't realized just how many pieces of Greek art involved men with gigantic erections...