Euro04: Berlin + Prague

The Living Room

Monday, March 8th, 12:53PM

Normally full of French people.

I took more apartment shots while waiting for Brenna. Here's the living room. We ate breakfast in here most mornings, watching television. This morning (if I remember correctly) while eating alone I got to watch a few minutes of the German version of "Big Brother" (thoughtfully translated into "Big Brother") that was being heavily advertised in the metro stations and around town. ("Big Brother" is the CBS show that has, like, sixteen people living in a house. Each week they vote someone out and every single second of their lives is taped. Yawn.) Anyway, I got to see some hipster with a goatee screw some girl underneath the sheets in a bed. No nudity was shown, but pow -- pretty clear what was happening. Good morning!

Considering the extremely lame state of affairs with regard to broadcast sexuality in this country, I thought I'd include that. I didn't find it offensive, just weird. And at it's core silly. Because people just generally look silly while they're doin' it.

The door goes out to the patio where Brenna discovered a pot full of pasta. Apparently when it's cold out people just put food on the patio instead of in the fridge. Hey, why not?