Euro04: Berlin + Prague

"RAF Lebt!"

Monday, March 8th, 5:23PM

A coaster. A candle. A glass. A 5€ note.

We noticed this bit of vandalism on one of our Euro bills. RAF = "Rote Armee Faktion" (Red Army Faction) a leftist (obviously) urban guerrilla group that commited terrorist acts in Germany in the 1970s. The most famous associates of this movement were the Baader-Meinhof Gang, about which I had to write a paper back in college. (There's a band right now called "Baader-Meinhof," as well. Considering the astounding ignorance and arrogance required to kill a bunch of people over one's own half-baked political ideas, I consider attempts to find hipster cultural caché in the movement to be pretty stupid.)

Anyway, I have actually forgotten what we were up to after this... And I have no photos from the evening to jog my memory. Well, I'll have to fill in the blanks later. I suspect we went back to the apartment and went out to get a couple drinks again before coming home and me falling asleep early.