Euro04: Berlin + Prague

Old Man Monkey Close-Up

Tuesday, March 9th, 2:26PM


He eventually made his way up to the glass. Unfortunately capturing the look of this guy proved difficult. He looked gorgeous, though -- very wise and thoughtful. (Though, y'know, he was probably just thinking about poo-flinging. I sure was.)

I forget who wrote this short story -- maybe Ray Bradbury -- but the monkey building reminded me of this: Essentially the story involved a zoo of aliens. Every year the zoo craft would land and all the people would come and pay to walk trough the halls and view the alien creatures in their native habitats. Everyone loved it. Turns out, though, that the zoo sold tickets to aliens who wanted to come visit the earth in luxury suites. They would pay to have the earthlings funnel through their rooms, behind protective glass shields. That's the twist. Has nothing to do with this except that some of the monkeys seemed to enjoy watching us as much as the other way around.