Euro04: Berlin + Prague

The Rainforest Room

Tuesday, March 9th, 3:28PM

The second in my series of "Brenna in the Lower-Right-Hand Corner" shots.

So in the middle of one of the animal houses (the ungulate house, if I recall correctly) was a heated rainforest room. This was easily the best part of the zoo. (The chihuahua birds lived in here, as well.)

Besides being a welcomed bit of warmth after the cold outside, the room was almost perfectly still and quiet: No city sounds and the nature sounds were limited to a small amount of splashing water and the occasional sound of something moving around in the trees. Entering it almost felt like entering the holodeck...

The natural areas wrapped around the for-people areas in a horseshoe shape. Starting on the left (about where this photo points) there were tall rainforest trees with thick underbrush and an algae-covered pond below. As one turned to the right, the foliage thinned and eventually at the far right side (where the chihuahua birds lived) the environment was very dry like a desert. A remarkable transition.

The room housed mostly birds.