Euro04: Berlin + Prague

Construction in the Death Zone

Wednesday, March 10th, 9:01PM

Sort of in between the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag.

So you can't see this building very well in the low light, unfortunately. I walked by this place during the daytime, though (after my battery had failed), and it looked really wild. The facade of the buildings looks like a more traditionally-styled new German building, but a few feet in front of the facade is a huge glass window that spans the entire building, held together with thin planks of steel. And the glass facade appears slightly cracked or dented outwards, with ridged running all the way across the building. Difficult to describe. But a very nice effect. And very characteristic of the millenial German architecture that this area is littered with.

You're about to see a bunch of other photos like this. Hold tight...