Euro04: Berlin + Prague

The Mysterious Lights

Wednesday, March 10th, 9:29PM

What on earth?

So it was very chilly outside and a Wednesday night, so the capital complex had been almost entirely empty (except for some school kids collected around the steps of the Reichstag making noise). The steps of the Reichstag lead down to a long, rectangular mall not unlike the Washington Mall. The Kanzleramt and Bundestag stood on the right side of the mall (if you faced away from the Reichstag) and a park thick with trees formed the far boundary of the mall, straight ahead from the steps of the Reichstag.

Well, as we got closer to this arboretum, we could see faintly in the blackness of the trees this strange tent structure. Muffled music played inside but otherwise the whole area was completely silent and completely without people. Maybe you can't understand the strange sense of mystery from the few crappy photos I took, but it really did feel like the scene out of some horror movie where the protagonists find an alien landing pod full of killer clowns that has crash-landed in the Oregon woods. Or a secret cult meeting.