Euro04: Berlin + Prague


Wednesday, March 10th, 10:07PM

... Part two.

Step back, though, and you can see that two of the outside walls, forming an L-shape, look like they should be inside the dining room and not on the outside walls...

Well, it turns out that this had been a very luxurious spot before the War and -- like many luxurious Berliner spots -- had been bombed nearly down to nothing. Two walls remained standing, though, so during the construction of Potsdamer Platz the walls were restored and placed on the outside of the new building behind sealed glass. This method of creating a monument by sort of flipping a bombed-out building's remains inside out and/or recompleting half-destroyed buildings with something conspicuously modern is very common in Berlin. So far in this photo-set we've seen both the Reichstag and the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächniskirche, two prime examples.