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These are some highlights of current and recent projects of mine. My concentrations are mobile and social software, so many of these projects are explorations in those areas. Take a look! A feel free to make contact if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!

ITP Projects


Group Chat for your Mobile Phone

Sugarcandy allows people to custom tailor their mobile SMS-based communications to their own needs. We offer the ability to SMS in mobile chat groups and SMS via a web interface. We also offer a simple RSS-based API to allow users to make their own Sugarcandy-based mobile tools. The software has been designed, as well, to allow new mobile apps to be built upon the Sugarcandy mobile infrastructure (see Casablanca below). Josh Klein and I concepted out the ideas and figured out how the app should work. I handled the visual design, website interface, and coding. Try it out!


Collaborative Musical Gameplay

3001 is an experiment about bringing audience collaboration to musical performance using a game-like interface. 3001 uses a site-specific, screen-based installation that users interact with using their mobile phones to control screen elements, play the game, and make collaborative music. Joo Youn Peak helped me with game design and interface concepting. I did all of the coding, sound design, and most of the visual design.

3001 has been accepted into the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) conference and will debut in New York City on June 8th.


Find Free Wifi Hotspots in Your Area!

Have a wireless internet card? Tired of working from home? Need a new coffeeshop to check your e-mail at? Traveling to a new city? Check in at iLoveFreeWifi and find new wifi hotspots to use for free. ILFW has been around since 2002 and currently receives about 40,000 pageviews per month. All content is user-contributed and I consider this to be a huge success. I did everything on this site: design, code, etc.


A Big Social Networking Game

Casablanca is a big mobile game about figuring out who to trust and who not to. Players are secretly assigned teams and must use their wits — and their mobile phones — to figure each other out. Casablanca is currently being built upon the Sugarcandy platform. I am in charge of technical implementation and contribute to the game design, as well.

Casablanca was awarded a grant from mtvU and Cisco to be developed over the summer of 2007.


Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism with Mobile Tech

eParole is a mobile concept that uses mobile technology to provide better assistance and monitoring to parolees after their release, hopefully guiding them more gracefully back into the world and lowering the shockingly high recidivism rate in this country. We developed the idea with input from the Brooklyn Parole Office and other legal organizations around New York City.

eParole won ITP's Dessign Expo competition and was presented at Microsoft in July, 2006.

Contact me if you would like documentation.

ITP Student List Conversations Visualization

Who Talks to Whom?

This winter I became curious about the social topology of the ITP student list, so I wrote up a visualization that shows which students interacted most on the list during the fall semester of 2006. The result is both interesting from a social software perspective and quite beautiful.

Tag Your Friends

For an ITP class, a team of four of us were given exactly one week to craft a response to a presentation by Clay Shirky. We decided to make a website on which ITP students could "tag" one another a la I coded and launched the site in two days and by the end of the week we had over 3500 tags contributed — a huge success. And a very memorable social software experience from the whole ITP program. Students here still talk about it. Other collaborators: Rocio Barcia, Charles Pratt, Adam Asarnow.

Ask Dubya!

Finally, the President Answers Your Questions

This funny little project, developed with Nick Hasty, allows users to ask the President questions. We scraped all of his speeches from the past six months and use Markov chaining to create new Bush-like sentences based on keywords in the questions. Sometimes the results don't make much sense, but often they're quite apropos.

Work Projects

Studio IMC Mobile Admin

Mobile Marketing Campaigns and Interactive Screens

I am currently a contract worker with Studio IMC developing their mobile marketing and interactive screens infrastructure. Clients will be able to use the interface I design to manage their campaigns and easy deploy new campaigns. The software I developed also manages all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.


Online Dial-Polling for Political Campaigns

During the summer of 2006 I developed for a client a complete website allowing political campaigns to upload videos and use a flash interface to conduct public dial-polls. Clients could then view results and user demographic information in many different and very flexible ways. Seeview is currently still waiting for a public launch.

University of Texas College of Liberal Arts Website CMS

Custom-built, Easy-to-Use Website CMS Tool

For the UT College of Liberal Arts in 2003 I lead the development of a website content management tool that allows non-technical university employees to very easily deploy and manage departmental websites. Most of the College's 38 departments picked up the software and still use it and it has been a huge success. I also personally designed and launched seven departmental websites using my own tool.

Austin Museum of Digital Art Website

Getting the Organization Online

I headed the launch of this site in 2002, working with a professional design team and over a dozen contributors. The website was instrumental in getting AMODA the increased visibility they desired.

Other Projects

Frescher-Southern Electronic Music

Bringing live electronica to central Texas

Between 2003 and 2005 I ran Frescher-Southern, an organization that put on digital music and media events in Austin, Texas. We had great success with the project, but it failed to survive my move to New York. I did the website and all internet promotions, as well.

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