Euro04: Berlin + Prague

City Gate

Friday, March 12th, 10:18AM

More street...

Just a few yards down the road we came to one of the old city gates. The Hostel Junior and this street are in the Nové Mesto -- "New City." The Nové Mesto kind of wraps around the south east side of the tourist part of town and is, while a couple of hundred years newer than the Staré Mesto ("Old City"), on the whole older and more classically ornate than any American city...

ČSOB is the national bank of the Czech Republic.

And as long as that word "Czech" is on the table: I hated having to spit out five cumbersome syllables whenever I wanted to talk about this country. After briefly experimenting with "Czechia" and "Czechland" I finally decided "Czeska" sounded the best. Apparently the national government has been having the same sort of discussion -- though the last I heard they hadn't settled on anything other than the observation that "Czechia" sounded too much like "Chechnia."

You really can't just start calling whole nations whatever you want, though. It confuses people.