It’s Stolen.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Look. I don’t usually do quickie posts, but this annoys the fuck out of me, so here we go:

It’s 11am. Some guy just came through Cake Shop (coffee shop) trying to sell some big art kit of crayons and pastels. “Costs $60 at the store, I sell it for $20.” Definitely did not look like a struggling Lower East Side artist. Looked like a scammer. His equally smarmy looking friend stood outside.

Everyone inside had the sense to either ignore the guy or give him a “no.” Fine. But then some idiot bought the thing off him right out in front of the coffee shop.

I’ve seen this happen before.

Let’s be clear what’s going on in situations like this:

The art kit is stolen. It is one of presumably several things stolen from someone’s place that these guys are selling. Do not buy the stolen goods. Arguing that you just want the thing cheap is fucking retarded and what you’re really doing (besides breaking the law by receiving stolen goods) is promoting theft in the neighborhood.

So don’t fucking do it.

I live here and I’m not interested in having jack-shits break into my place and sell my stuff to other douche-bags in front of Cake Shop. I’m aware that the people who would read this (ITPers, mostly) wouldn’t participate in this sort of thing. But still. It pisses me off.

Now back to our regularly scheduled controlled rambling about hamsters and other minutiae…