A Light-Weight Experiment

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something has to happen with this blog. Apparently I don’t really have the time or the wit or the whatever-it-is to churn out the lengthier sorts of essays I prefer. So I’ve come up with a bit of an experiment for myself — a personal challenge. Every day for ten weeks I’m going to write (around) ten sentences about a single idea.

This seems like a good length to sketch out an idea. Feeling like I have to expand an idea out into some 3000-word treatise just adds a weight which suddenly turns the whole thing into another fucking task I have to add to the pile and then explain to my poor girlfriend why I’m spending another evening fiddling with my website rather than fiddling with her. So this is also an experiment with a somewhat lighter-weight blogging style (which I haven’t really tried for, like, years).

Blogs have, by and large, settled into a handful of formats — so maybe this is also an expression of my urge to shake Auscillate up a bit and start trying out some of my other ideas. Maybe I’ll even turn Auscillate back into an actual breathing blog again…