Thursday, September 26, 2002

The final of the “Qatsi” trilogy. Naqoyqatsi. October 18th, folks.

I watched the trailer on their website. Looked like a lot of hype went into this, which worries me. That and the cheesy Adobe After Effects that have been added to nearly every scene in the trailer. If the entire film looks like that, I will probably walk out. The first two films expressed an elegant natural simplicity, not a dopey fascination with digital effects. And I’m not enamoured by the subject: “War as a way of life.”

Another thing I can’t stand that occurs in the trailer: Wired-magazine-style “pronouncements” such as: “There is no more nature.” Whatever. Comments like that are so broad as to have almost no meaning — they only have force because they’re printed in huge, blocky, red letters on the screen. And because some people naively assume that other people have access to some mystical information that tunes them into the true nature of things, allowing them to make such pronouncements. Again: Whatever.


Thank you, thank you.

But — Koyaanisqatsi is such a beautiful piece, you have to give Godfrey Reggio (the director) the benefit of the doubt. I’ll probably see this movie in the theaters next month. Hopefully I’ll like it, even though the trailer has me rather worried.