Monday, October 14, 2002

“Speex Joins Xiph To Bring Free VOIP To The Masses”

Thank f*cking god.

Actually, Xiph developed the Ogg Vorbis codec — the MP3-killer. So this is kind of audio-relevant. Regardless of the content, though, headlines with multiple space-age words like “Speex” and “Xiph” are awesome. Try making up your own headlines of the future. Like:

Xanthotronics merges with Zaphic-Vorbot to Introduce New Flying Borgulator


Compulectrix Expects High Returns on This Year’s Veebmobot Simulator


New Chicago Particle Thrusters Whip Triton Nebulas 2-0 in Neutronball Galactic Series

I could really keep going, but I won’t.