Sunday with Ms. Simpson

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Abby and I hit the City-Wide Garage Sale this afternoon. Had ourselves a grand old time riffling through old collectibles. Abby bought two souvenier spoons to replace those stolen out of her boyfriend(?)’s car and we pooled funds to secure a box of carmel Girlscout Cookies. Abby felt satisfied with the $3.00 list price — I thought we should’ve haggled: “$2.75, max. If you won’t give me that price, I know ten Girlscouts who will, you fucking snake!”

In related news. Try to describe Blogger and the act of weblogging to a friend who doesn’t relish the time she spends communicating with people over the Internet. It comes out sounding like this: “Well, see I’m this big dork and publicizing my dorkiness is fun for me. Because I’m a dork.”

But you, my precious Blogger, you understand me. You know what it’s like. We have a special connection, you and I, that most people will just never get. Yes. You and I, my sweet. Mmm…

Time to papertowel my laptop, again.

Who needs a GIRLFRIEND?