Adventures in Modern Dentistry

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I’m sitting at Spider House tonight, working on a few things. Turns out I lost one of my potential web contracts. Crap. Well, I’ve still got the other two. I hope.

Anyway, it’s about 11pm and I’ve been sorting through some files on the laptop. I came across a stash of screen-grabs from a month-or-so ago when Paris and I were working on some concepts for our failed motion-tracking interactive video piece. We had been working with Quartz Composer and had planned on buying a powerful IR LED lightbulb — but the company couldn’t get the bulb to us quickly enough and we just kind of ran out of time and Dan O’Sullivan had concerns (shared by Paris) that she might be leaning too much on the user-friendliness of QC instead of learning to deal with video herself in Processing and, well, it all fell apart. Sadly.

Here, though, is a QC-processed still of me sitting in front of my computer at about 3am one night. You can see my Atari Pole Position poster in the background, there, and my floor lamp. Right behind my head is the window out onto the balcony out onto SoHo.

Pink Josh

I miss New York already and I’ve only been gone four days. Austin’s just a bit boring without anything in particular to do and few people to do it with, anyway. The weather’s been wonderful and I enjoyed sitting along the river at Mozart’s this afteroon as the sun set over the hills and the ducks, swans, and coots jibbered around looking for hand-outs and squabbling. I read another chunk of You Remind Me of Me and ate a chocolate-chip cookie.

This after my appointment with the dentist — Dr. Shaw — this afternoon. See, I’ve got a big cavity in one of my far-back molars. It doesn’t hurt at all, but I can tell it’s there, so my mom arranged for me to get it dealt with while I’m here in town.

Dr. Shaw’s assistant, a big bouncy guy from South Carolina who enjoyed hearing that I live in NY, probed my maw for a minute or two with the scrapy-pick-thing and mouth-mirror and then the Dr. came in to check again and inform me that my back molars — my wisdom teeth — had to go. One (upper-right) has the obvious big cavity. One (lower-left) has a smaller cavity. One (upper-left) has a fissure. And one’s okay, but should probably go before something comes up. (Seems like good symmetry, anyway.) So we set a date (Thursday morning) and I got my face x-rayed. Twice (after something went wrong with the first try). There you have it.

There’s something deeply unsettling about having any part of one’s body taken off, so I don’t very much care for the idea of having four molars removed. Otherwise, I guess I really don’t care. It’s not like they’re removing my hands. So much for my perfect mouth, though — this is my first-ever cavity.