Video Game Developer Randy Smith

Friday, May 2, 2003

Just wanted to post an ad for the AMODA Presentation Series event happening on Monday.

From the e-mail I’ve sent out:

“Randy will speak about video games as interactive art — an art form that has yet to attain artistic maturity or social acceptance. Interactivity, the distinct characteristic of the art form, will be analyzed for its unique ability to create experiences that respond immediately as the audience reacts to the art. Comparisons to the history and deconstruction of other media, such as film and sequential art, will be made in an attempt to find perspective on the status and future of video games.

“Randy Smith is a Project Director and Lead Designer at Ion Storm, a video game company in Austin, Texas. He’s currently working on the third installment of the popular Thief series, the first two of which he helped develop at Looking Glass Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Randy presents regularly on design topics at the Game Developers Conference and is a proponent of formalizing the art of game design.”

I’m the guy coordinating these things. So show up!