Scenes from the Blackout

Friday, November 2, 2012

Christin and I took a walk across the Williamburg Bridge into a darkened Lower East Side last night. Just out of curiosity about what post-Sandy blackout Manhattan looked like. We didn’t spend too much time down there — turns out a powerless Lower East Side is actually kind of a dead Lower East Side. At least the day after Halloween. We wandered for a bit and then I had a beer at some candle-lit bar with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack playing on an old battery-power jambox. But! I got a few interesting pix with the old Canon DSLR. Turns out that antique still works.

The wavy lines in these are people walking with flashlights. I used 30 second exposures, for the most part, so anyone walking by got kind of lost — unless they had some kind of light. The light in the picture right above came from a guy jogging with a little penlight strapped to his head.

The sign still had a warning from during the hurricane, which I assumed just stuck once the power went out.