Critter Defense 1.1 now available

Thursday, July 30, 2009

(Originally posted to the Mojito blog. Archived here for posterity.)

Hey, our first update has hit the App Store. Make sure to grab it.

The big new thing is Facebook Connect support — this’ll let you see custom high score lists with just your friends. Lots of games do this, of course, and it’s a fun way to filter high scores in a somewhat more meanful way. Right? Indeed.

What else? Some speed improvements here and there and hopefully a crash or two fewer — although, honestly, we’ve had crashes, but not really many at all and (happily) none that have been reported during the actual gameplay. Which would suck. So fingers crossed on that. But we’ll keep our eyes open.

Other news:

Does anyone out there have any better way of dealing with Apple about App Store issues? We’re newbies, obvs, but poor customer support appears to be a common issue. There may be no answer. You can imagine how frustrating it is when you can’t get questions answered or have minor issues addressed in a timely manner (if at all). I’m not yet considering abandoning the platform (as others have — we only just got here), but I’m annoyed. Not sure if says very good things or bad things about Apple that the experience as an App Store dev is so rough. I’ve paid $198 for a developer’s license — one would think that a purchase of this cost would have a bit friendly customer support behind it.

But so it goes. Our experience hasn’t been awful, and we’re actually happy to report fairly big sales (better than expected) these first weeks and a tremendous number of levels played. Yeah, we’re like Sting: Every tower you place, every critter you kill, we’ll be watching you. I hope to have some fun charts and graphs about that up here soon — stay tuned.

Thanks, everyone! Hope you’re having fun with Critter Defense!