Critter Defense Dataporn

Saturday, August 1, 2009

(Originally posted to the Mojito blog. Archived here for posterity.)

So we track pretty much everything we can when someone plays Critter Defense. It’s neat to watch and see how your game design holds up when people actually play. And you get a few surprises — like (for example) that our toughest levels seem to be in the Seashore (middle) stage — Seashore-3 and Seashore-4, specifically. Hm! We’ve haven’t settled on the significance of this, but it seems to be a fact.

Anyway. If you’re interested, I’ve put together some Google Charts with data we’ve collected so far. If you’re playing Critter Defense, it could be interesting to compare your experience to. If you haven’t finished the game and are looking for a little hint, maybe this will at least tell you which waves may be the toughest. So you can steel yourself.

The pie chart on the right shows the percentages of times players have won or lost a level. The bar graph on the right indicates within which waves players lost. The taller the bar, the more losses.