More Jan Werner

Friday, September 7, 2001

Todd Simmons wrote to me about the Jan Werner’s CD Case post:

I just read the listing of what’s in Jan Werner’s CD case on your website. Here’s an explanation of the stuff you maybe weren’t clear on (that I am):
Skipp 02 — an album by Aelters called “El Frustator” released on Skipp (

Skipp 03 — a compilation called 1st Skipp and Stroop also on Skipp (

2:3 Suppose — a compilation of experimental music on the Suppose label serving as an homage to the artist, poet and theorist Oswald Wiener (no website known, it’s on Forced Exposure)

Goflex — maybe you knew this already, but it’s by FX Randomiz (on Sonig)

Sous Hit — the 3rd album by French group DAT Politics, who own the Skipp label, and a member of which is Aelters
Anyway, just thought you might be interested. It’s funny… Kurt actually asked me if I wanted to drive Jan to San Antonio, but I had to decline because I was busy that day. Oh well, I might get to meet him later if I help with setup at the Cinematexas shows.


There you have it.