Josh in California - Part 8: At the Library in UCSC

Friday, November 2, 2001

Wow, the University of California at Santa Cruz really is like a summer camp… The property is huge and forested in tall redwoods and the building seem to be mostly gray and concrete blocks nestled discreetly here and there amongst the trees. Nice, but even during the middle of the day here it feels empty and rather lonely. Anyway, I got a ride up here with a couple business management students. One was waiting for the bus with me when the other showed up and offered us both rides to campus. We talked about the university on the ride. Apparently UC Santa Barbara is a party school, whereas UCSC is not so much so. And they don’t surf — they snowboard. (Why do I assume everyone around here surfs? Not that many people I’ve talked to out here even seem interested in trying it out once or twice.) So, it’s not even noon yet and I’m really just poking around campus doing nothing in particular except trying to get a feel for the ambience out here. “Quiet” would sum up my UCSC experience so far.