Summer Travel Plans

Saturday, April 23, 2005


The world, circa 1581. From the Library of Congress collection.

Okay. Hi.

The first ticket has been purchased, so it’s for real… I’ll be travelling around Europe and the Middle East through the summer. Here’s the basic itinerary:

  • May 9th: Leave Austin for New York
  • May 16th: Leave Austin for Berlin
  • Approx. June 6th: Leave Berlin for Cairo
  • Approx. July 20th: Leave Cairo for Berlin
  • August 8th: Leave Berlin for Austin

And soon thereafter I’ll probably be back in New York to get ready for the big move at the end of August.

So I’m sort of “stacking” tickets, buying a round-trip to Berlin and then a round-trip from Berlin to Cairo. This seems to be the most cost-effective way to do this, though it does seem kind of odd at first. Also, I’m not going to stay in Berlin and Cairo the entire time (if you’re wondering)… I’d like to take a few days in Poland and maybe Denmark and visit Haley in Italy while I’m stationed in Germany. And, well, I’m not really exactly sure what the plan out of Cairo will be. Certainly don’t want to overplan…

Anyway, that’s the framework. If you know me and think I’m forgetting about something, please let me know. I can still make modifications to the itinerary without too much extra cost.