NYU ITP Projects

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Thesis presentations are happening this week for those students exiting the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU — the program I’ll be entering in a few months.

It’s a rather webby crowd, so some of the projects have begun attracting attention online (through the blog community at large as well as on sites like Metafilter). As I come upon them, I’ll add them to the list below. Y’know. If you’re interested.

The list so far:

  • Cellphedia - “I have created Cellphedia for the curious mobile phone community (which is almost all of us). It is an application that enables its users to send and receive up-to-date encyclopedia-type information amongst each other, on the go, through SMS. I call it: ‘The first ubiquitous social encyclopedia’.”
  • Grafedia - “Grafedia is hyperlinked text, written by hand onto physical surfaces and linking to rich media content - images, video, sound files, and so forth. It can be written anywhere - on walls, in the streets, or on sidewalks. Grafedia can also be written in letters or postcards, on the body as tattoos, or anywhere you feel like putting it. Viewers “click” on these grafedia hyperlinks with their cell phones by sending a message addressed to the word + “@grafedia.net” to get the content behind the link.”
  • MenuVista (Added May 9th) - “MenuVista provides restaurant customers a realistic preview of their orders by using photographic projection on real plates and also allows them to modify their orders by using a projected menu with a touch sensor interface which includes menu text and food images.”

More soon, I hope.

If you want to know more about the thesis projects, visit the ITP Thesis Presentations 2005 site.